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Riedel Tasting Set Sommeliers 5400/40

Grape variety specificHandmade, mouth blown in Austria Dishwasher Safe

More information: Riedel Tasting Set Sommeliers 5400/40...


Ornellaia EligoGrappa1 x 0.5L

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Barsol Pisco 75CL

San Francisco World Spirits CompetitionUltimate Spirits ChallengeNew York World Wine & Spirits Competition

More information: Barsol Pisco 75CL...

Bols Creme de Cassis 70CL

Dark red blackcurrant liqueur 0.24Dutch Liqueurs

More information: Bols Creme de Cassis 70CL...

Bols Amaretto 70CL

Bols Amaretto is essential for classic drinks such as the Amaretto Sour0.24Dutch Liqueurs

More information: Bols Amaretto 70CL...
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Bols Triple Sec 70CL

A crystal clear liqueur flavoured with orange peel and hints of citrus0.38Dutch Liqueurs

More information: Bols Triple Sec 70CL...

Carpano Classico Vermouth 100CL

Carpano Vermouth Classico0.165Italian Vermouth

More information: Carpano Classico Vermouth 100CL...

Cointreau 70CL

A triple-sec liqueur made from Oranges with an absolutely delicious flavour0.4French Liqueurs

More information: Cointreau 70CL...
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Carpano Bianco Vermouth 100CL

Rich and delicious0.165Italian Vermouth

More information: Carpano Bianco Vermouth 100CL...

Evan Williams Honey Reserve 75CL

Based on Evan Williams bourbon and flavoured with natural top quality honey35%American Liqueurs

More information: Evan Williams Honey Reserve 75CL...

Evan Williams Cherry Reserve 75CL

Smooth buttery palate with an oily mouth-feel. Rich spices and jammy cherry and also allspice as well as vanilla and charred oak0.37Australian Rum

More information: Evan Williams Cherry Reserve 75CL...
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Penfolds Club Tawny

A great blend of young barrel matured tawny aged in the Barossa ValleyTawnyPort Wine

More information: Penfolds Club Tawny...

Patron Citronge Orange Liqueur 75CL

Concentrated orange juice with a simple syrup. Campari-like bitterness0.4Mexican Liqueurs

More information: Patron Citronge Orange Liqueur 75CL...

Sambuca Vaccari 70CL

Sweet, aniseed liqueur0.38Italian Liqueur

More information: Sambuca Vaccari 70CL...
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Sambuca Oro Borghetti 70CL

Unmistakable taste from star anise0.38Italian Liqueurs

More information: Sambuca Oro Borghetti 70CL...

Bols Crème De Cassis 700ml

700mlRich, black current flavorDeep red colorSubtle, sweet aroma and finish

More information: Bols Crème De Cassis 700ml...

Kahlua Coffee Liqueur 700ml

700 ml21.5% alcohol100% Arabica coffeeRich flavorFragrant coffee aroma

More information: Kahlua Coffee Liqueur 700ml...

Midori Melon 700ml

700 mlMelon flavorBright green color

More information: Midori Melon 700ml...

Dom Benedictine 700ml

700 mlSlow processPlants and spices usedCarefully selected ingredients

More information: Dom Benedictine 700ml...

Bols Strawberry 70CL

Rich, striking red liqueur, expressing a powerful but not over sweet strawberry flavour70CLDutch Liqueur

More information: Bols Strawberry 70CL...

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